Welcome to Birmingham Nail Care

Keeping your nails trimmed is an important part of keeping your feet comfortable and yourself fit and healthy – comfortable feet will help you to

  • Take the exercise you need
  • Get around the house and reduce the risk of falling
  • Keep an active social life with friends and family and avoid isolation

Need someone to cut your Nails?

Nail Carers can offer one or more of the following:

  • Nail cutting including the care of split and fungal nails
  • Filing of nails
  • Filing away hard/rough skin
  • Home visits
  • Optional extras such as foot massage and nail varnishing

Birmingham's Registered Nail Carers charge a fee for their nail cutting service - click on the "Where can I go?" tab to find your nearest Nail Carer who can provide you with a service which is affordable to you.

[If you feel you cannot afford to buy your Nail Care service then perhaps you need a benefits check - if this is the case please ring Age UK Birmingham on 0121 437 0033.]

NHS Podiatry or Chiropody is a specialised service funded to treat those who have "high risk" foot problems. It is not able to provide simple nail care. Nail Carers are trained to refer you to NHS Podiatry if you need a specialist service.

If you would like to access Private Podiatry then please click on Feet for Life web site www.feetforlife.org where you will be able to search for your nearest Private Podiatrist. To check if your chosen Podiatrist is registered with the Health Professions Council search on www.hpc-uk.org

Please click on our "Where Can I Go?" tab to find out how to access your nearest Nail Care service.