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Useful Documents

We will post on to this site a document with dates for Supervision and Continual Professional Development (CPD) containing instructions as to how you can book a place at Supervision or CPD etc.

Don’t forget – You need to attend one CPD and one Supervision session per calendar year to remain registered (you are welcome to attend more if there are places available).

Additionally we will keep you updated with useful information, contact details etc.

If you have any ideas or further information you would like us to put on to the site please let us know using the contact details given in the attachments below.

Heeleys instruments order form 2018

Heeley Surgical Birmingham Nail Care Single Patient Use Order Form 2021.pdf
(PDF Document, 1843KB)

How to use the Nail Care Website

The Nail Care Website presentation.ppt
(Powerpoint Document, 1282KB)

Nail care initial assessment form 2018 with GDPR

Nail carer Client Assessment form 2018 with GDPR.doc
(Word Document, 36KB)

Referral form for Dudley Podiatry.
Send To: Dudley Community Services PODIATRY DEPARTMENT Brierley Hill Health & Social Care Centre Venture Way, Brierley Hill, DY5 1RU Courier Number 31

Referral form for Dudley Podiatry.doc
(Word Document, 60KB)

Referral for Birmingham Podiatry.
Email to: or post to: Podiatry, 2 Priestley Wharf, Aston Science Park, Holt St , B7 4BN

Referral Form for Appointment in Podiatry 2015.doc
(Word Document, 55KB)

Referral form for Sandwell Podiatry.
Send to: or by post to: Department of Foot Health, Primary Care Offices, Lyndon, West Bromwich, B71 4HJ

Sandwell Foot Health Referral.doc
(Word Document, 49KB)

CPD Update 2018

Nail Carers CPD New update Feb 2018.ppt
(Powerpoint Document, 3351KB)

Website form 2018

Blank Website form 2018.doc
(Word Document, 38KB)

Is nail care for me?

Nail Care self assessment Jan 2018.doc
(Word Document, 64KB)

Nail Care Contract 2017/18

20130124 Nail Carer Contract – revised Jan 2018.doc
(Word Document, 819KB)

Client assessment form and record sheet 2021

Client assessment form and record sheet 2021
(Word Document, 60KB)

Blank reporting form

Blank reporting form february 2015.doc
(Word Document, 53KB)

Help guide for reporting form

Help guide for reporting forms 2015.doc
(Word Document, 54KB)

Suitability of pts with Diabetes – letter to GP

Confirmation of low risk status for clients 2015.doc
(Word Document, 29KB)

Suitability of pts with Diabetes – letter to GP

Baileys Nail Care Order 2015.pdf
(PDF Document, 1988KB)

A5 Nail Care Handout

(PDF Document, 467KB)

A5 Flyers, 2 per page

2 x A5 Flyers landscape.pdf
(PDF Document, 159KB)

2 x A5 Flyers with text box for your details

(Word Document, 2128KB)

A4 Nail Care poster

(PDF Document, 467KB)


Timesco – Social nail care products order form

Social Nail Care Order Form Timesco.pdf
(PDF Document, 1198KB)

Nail Carer’s record card

Nail Carer’s record card template.doc
(Word Document, 31KB)

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